• About Us

  • About our Founder

    Claudia Rudolf Barrett received her initial training at the College Conservatory of Music (CCM), and earned her BAS and MFA from CCM. As an original dancer, soloist and Ballet Mistress of the Cincinnati Ballet Company from 1963 until 1990, Ms Barrett worked under five artistic directors and with teachers and choreographers from major companies around the world. In 1993 Claudia opened her school, ballet tech® of ohio, bringing many instructors of world renown to inspire her students.

  • History

    Founded in 1993 by Claudia Rudolf Barrett, and located in northeast Cincinnati, our school  provides students with the opportunity to develop performance skills and participate in activities that are essential to the growth of a professional dancer.  We offer classes for students ages 2 years to adult.

    While we can agree that everyone can dance, not everyone can be a ballerina. Which is why at ballet tech® of ohio we offer classes in ballet, tap and modern dance. Taught by professional world renowned artists. We provide training for those who seek a professional career, as well as classes for those who just want to learn to dance.

    Ms. Barrett's vision for ballet tech® of ohio continues to be to have a first class school that nurtures the dancer in mind, body and spirit, and cultivates respect for the art of dance.

    Multiple performance opportunities each year provide appropriate ballets that uphold this vision and can lead the aspiring dancer to a professional career. 

    Ms. Barrett's mission is to educate, inspire and entertain young dancers and their audiences through exposure to highly qualified professionals in the field.

    We hold the philosophy that performance is a family affair and that it's not enough for young performers to see professional productions. It's essential for students to be involved in them. Standards are set early in life, so it is important to set those standards high.

    We appreciate our longstanding stellar reputation as the Gold Standard of the finest quality dance education,  "bar(re) none!"