• 2023 Spring Gala Virtual Program

  • Evening Program

    ACT I

    THE SLEEPING BEAUTY Act I,  Garland Dance   

    Music: Tchaikovsky
    Choreography: C.R. Barrett after Petipa  

    Naima Akhmed, Emiliana Bissonette, Lily Cunninghham, Rose Cunningham, Katie McShane, Niyantha Neelakanten, and Asiya Taalaeva

    Nina Batt, Victoria Chulsky, Analise Conrad, Emil Heisler, Arlo Janson, Atlas Janson, Madina Karaeva, Alexandra Kovacs, Aliin Kubanychbekova, Malay Moffett, Addie Paproski and Natalie Reyes

    Ainsley Bothell, Julia Galles, Faryn Glago, Emily Gubanich, Josie Hellma, John Paul Heisler, Ulysees Janson Estelle Lapina, Emily Pappas

     Iris Stanley and Sophia Tarasova

    SWAN LAKE pas de trois

    Music: Tchaikovsky
    Choreography: Petipa


    Maren Heisler and Maria Kanski, with Homer Janson

    1st Variation

    Maria Kanski 

    2nd Variation

    Homer Janson

    3rd Variation

    Maren Heisler


    Maren Heisler and Maria Kanski, with Homer Janson

    OPUS 1

    Music: Denise Beck
    Choreography: Claudia Rudolf Barrett
    Julia Gubanich, John Paul Heisler, Ulysees Janson, Emily Pappas and Iris Stanley


       Music: Hifana
    Choreography R:odrigo Almarales

    1st Movement
    Amelia Clement, Jennifer Clements, Maren Heisler, Homer Janson, Maria Kanski, Micah VanPatten and Maria Voronov.

    2nd Movement
    Micah VanPatten

    Entire Cast


    ACT II

    Student Modern Choreography Collaboration 

    Music: Helen Jane Long
    Staging: Karen Kurelis
    Choreography: Each solo created by the performer!
    John Paul Heisler, Maren Heisler, Homer Janson, Ulysees Janson and Micah VanPatten

    Youth America Grand Prix Solos

    Queen of the Dryads

    Music: Minkus
    Choreography: Petipa
    Amelia Clement


    Choreography: Karen Kurelis
    Homer Janson

    Les Sylphides

    Music: Chopin
    Choreography: Petipa
    Jennifer Clements

    Pas D’Esclave

    Music: Adolphe Adam
    Choreography: Joseph Maziliez
    Micah VanPatten

    Paquita pas de trois Male Variation

    Music: Édouard Deldevez
    Choreography: Petipa
    Homer Janson

    Sleeping Beauty Excerpts

    Music: Tchaikovsky
    Choreography: Petipa 

    The Sleeping Beauty, based on the Fairy Tale by Charles Perrault

    Act III,  Little Red Riding Hood

    Ainsely Bothell  and Ulysees Janson

    Act III, Jewels:
    In order of apprearance

    Amelia Clement, Emerald
    Jennifer Clements, Sapphire
    Maria Voronov, Diamond
    Maren Heisler, Ruby

    1st Movement

    Entire Cast

    2nd Movement

    Amelia Clement, Maria Kanski, Maria Voronov

    3rd Movement

    Maren Heisler 


    Entire Cast


    The King
    David Hunter*

    The Queen
    Karen Hunter*

    Master of Ceremonies, Cattabutte
    Fulton Heisler** 

    Ainsley Bothell, Julia Galles, Faryn Glago, Emily Gubanich,     Josie Hellman, Estelle Lapina, Emily Pappas, Iris Stanley and Sophia Tarasova.
    John Paul Heisler, Homer Janson and Ulysees Janson.


    Crystal Fountain, McKenzie Thomas
    Fairy of the Enchanted Garden, Maren Heisler
    Fairy of Generosity, Maria Voronov
    Canary Fairy, Maria Kanski
    Violente, Amelia Clement
    The Lilac Fairy, Micah VanPatten

    Entire Cast

    *David and Karen Hunter have participated in and supported various bto productions including all Nutcracker productions since 1993. Karen Hunter has been a student of bto since it’s beginning in 1993 (and before).

    **Fulton Heisler trained at bto for 10 years and last year received a full scholarship to The Rock School in Philadelphia and recently a summer scholarship to Ballet X.  Congratulations Fulton!

    Artists, Choreographers:

    Claudia Rudolf Barrett, Founder
    Claudia Rudolf Barrett received her initial training at the College Conservatory of Music (CCM), and earned her BAS and MFA from CCM. As an original dancer, soloist and Ballet Mistress of the Cincinnati Ballet Company from 1963 until 1990, Ms Barrett worked under five artistic directors and with teachers and choreographers from major companies around the world. In 1993 Claudia opened her school, ballet tech® of ohio, bringing many instructors of world renown to inspire her students.

    Rodrigo Almarales, Choreographer

    Rodrigo Almarales trained with National Ballet School (Cuba), National
    Ballet School (Mexico), National Ballet School (Canada) and Hamburg
    Ballet School. Rodrigo performed as a soloist from 2007 to 2009 with the
    Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Germany and was a top-seven finalist on
    Italian television show “Amici” in 2009. He spent the 2010-2011 season
    with Boston Ballet before joining Cincinnati Ballet in 2011.
    Rodrigo’s extensive performance experience includes full-length ballets
    such as The Nutcracker, Giselle, Swan Lake, Cinderella, Don Quixote, The
    Sleeping Beauty, and Romeo and Julie. He was a Bronze Medal recipient
    in the Varna International Ballet Competition in 2008 and in the Korea
    International Ballet Competition in 2009. In 2012 he was the silver medal
    recipient for the Helsinki International Ballet competition. He has performed in multiple international galas and has performed principal roles with the Mongolian National Ballet and the Tokyo Komaki Ballet. In 2016, Almarales staged the Ballet Royalty Gala in Havana, Cuba. Rodrigo retired from performing in 2018 to focus on his business ventures. He, however, continues to teach and choreograph around the world.


    Claudia Rudolf Barrett would like to express her appreciation for in kind services of the following:

    Jacob Addison for slide show design, online program, communication and Web Design.

    Fulton Heisler, David Hunter and Karen Hunter for participating in this production.

    Karey Janson for design & costume construction.

    The Janson and Heisler families as well as Jonathan Clement and David Hunter for back stage load in & out and backstage assistance.

    All backstage and front of house volunteers.

    The Murphy Theatre and its wonderful team.