• The Nutcracker

  • Dear Audience…

    This is the seventeenth year ballet tech of ohio has presented “The Nutcracker.” We are as excited as ever about the opportunity that these students have to perform this great work on stage with a live audience of family and friends. I believe Tchaikovsky never could have imagined the effect his music would have upon future generations.

    Today, hundreds of companies and young dancers inspire audiences around the world with their performances to the beautiful score, and “The Nutcracker” has become a family Christmas tradition. The original story, with choreography by Marius Petipa, has been handed down through generations from its beginnings in Russia, with numerous alterations by many choreographers.

    The “Nutcracker” you will see today is based upon the version staged in Cincinnati in 1974 by Frederic Franklin, principal dancer of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, as well as Moscelyne Larkin and Roman Jasinski, the then co-directors of the Tulsa Ballet. I have subsequently seen many other Nutcrackers, but this is still my favorite! It has been slightly abbreviated to hold the attention of the youngest of family members.

    I wish to thank our guest artists, Edward Gonzalez Kay and Sergey Pakharev, for their inspiration and coaching of our pre-professionals. My gratitude goes to all my teachers, students, parents, and affiliates who helped to make this on-screen presentation possible. I could not have accomplished it without you! A big “Thank you” to my audience members for your enthusiasm and support of our young dancers and the art of ballet.

    Wishing all of you a peaceful and joyous holiday, and a happy New Year!

    Claudia Rudolf Barrett
    Founder and Director
    ballet tech of ohio

    About “The Nutcracker”

    “The Nutcracker” was first performed in 1892 and still survives today, being presented in almost every major city in the United States and around the world. It is a fairy tale ballet that every young dancer enjoys performing and a holiday tradition for audiences around the world. E.T.A. Hoffman’s story takes place in Nuremburg, Germany, early in the 19th century. Herr Drosselmeyer’s nephew has been turned into a Nutcracker by the wicked King of the Mice. The only way to break the spell is to kill the Mouse King and have someone fall in love with the wooden Nutcracker. Drosselmeyer sees his goddaughter Clara’s Christmas party as the chance to break the spell by taking Clara to a magical place where she helps the Nutcracker kill the Mouse King. The Nutcracker leads Clara through the Land of Snow to the Land of Sweets, and there, returns to life as a handsome Cavalier.

    Claudia Rudolf Barrett

    Founder and Director, Master Teacher, Choreographer, Artistic Director, Producer

    Ms. Barrett, the recipient of the Post-Corbett 2001 Award for Individual Achievement in the Arts, received her initial training at the College Conservatory of Music (CCM) under Oleg Sabline and David McLain. Subsequently, she earned her BAS and MFA from CCM under Corbett Scholarships, studying with McLain, Dame Alicia Markova, P.W. Manchester, Frederic Franklin, and James Truitte, as well as many guest artists.

    As an original dancer, soloist, and ballet mistress of the Cincinnati Ballet Company from 1963 until 1990, Ms. Barrett worked under fiver artistic directors and with teachers and choreographers from major companies around the world. In 1993, Claudia opened her school, ballet tech of ohio, bringing many instructors of world renown to inspire her students. In 1997, after staging a full-length “Sleeping Beauty” to the orchestral accompaniment of the Lebanon Symphony Orchestra, Ms. Barrett created a performing outlet for her pre-professional dancers, the ballet tech of ohio performing arts association.

    Ms. Barrett has choreographed many ballets for pre-professionals, including “My Many Colored Days” to the music of Richard Einhorn, played by the Lebanon Symphony Orchestra, “Appalachian Spring” and “A Soldier’s Tale” with the Clermont Philharmonic Orchestra, “Peter and the Wolf,” Mozart’s “Eine Kleine Nacht Musik,” and “Carmina Burana” to the accompanimentof the Blue Ash Symphony Orchestra, among many others.

    In September of 2006, Ms. Barrett left her non-profit organization to refocus upon her vision and the core values of the school, which continue to promote primarily the art of classical ballet through professional guest artists and performances. A number of Barrett’s students have been awarded professional contracts or scholarships to prestigious schools throughout the United States. In August of 2010, Ms. Barrett was invited to teach at the Korea 2010 International Ballet Competition in Seoul. In March of 2011, Barrett and three of her students were invited to the Dance Open in St. Petersburg, hosted by the quintessential ballerina of the 21st century, Natalia Makarova.

    Many of Ms. Barrett’s students have gone on to perform professionally, including roles with the Royal New Zealand Ballet, Pittsburgh Ballet, Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, Grand Ballet Montreal, Polish National Ballet, and the Cincinnati Ballet.

    In private life, Ms. Barrett is the proud grandmother of Rowan Alexander Barrett and Sienna Dylan Barrett.

    Guest Artists

    Charles Cronenwett

    A native to St. Louis and graduate of the Kansas City Ballet school, Charles is a company artist for the St. Louis Ballet, and has had the privilege to perform featured rolls in productions by current leading choreographers such as Christopher Wheeldon’s Within the Golden Hour, and Gen Horiuchi’s The Nutcracker. Previously, Charles’ studied at the Kansas City Ballet School on scholarship under Dimitry Trubchanov, Racheal Nye, and Grace Holmes. During this year, he was also awarded a scholarship to compete in a pas de deux at YAGP. Upon graduation from the school, Charles’ became a Trainee in the Kansas City Ballet’s 2nd Company on full scholarship for two seasons, where he performed with the main company in works by Lila York, Devon Carney, Michael Pink and Septime Weber. During this time, Charles’ had the privilege to train closely with Christopher Ruud, Devon Carney, and Parrish Maynard where he danced lead pas de deuxs in 2nd company performances such as Grand Pas De Deux from Devon Carney’s The Nutcracker, and Emerald Pas De Deux from Septime Weber’s Wizard of Oz. This is Charles’ first performance at Ballet Tech of Ohio, and is excited to perform along with the school.

    Sergey Pakharev

    A native of St. Petersburg, Russia, Sergey Pakharev trained at the Academy of Russian Ballet and The School of the Kirov Ballet. Upon graduation, he danced as a Soloist at the Maryinsky Theater. He has had an exciting career, receiving diplomas at both the International Ballet Competition of Rudolf Nureyev in Budapest, Hungary and the International Ballet Competition of Maya Plisetskaya in St. Petersburg, Russia. Since coming to the United States, Mr. Pakharev danced as a Soloist with the Fort Worth/Dallas Ballet. Mr. Pakharev was with Cincinnati Ballet in 2003-2008 and has performed lead roles in Coppelia, Swan Lake, Balanchine’s “Who Cares? and “Prodigal Son and the Tchaikovsky pas de deux. Sergey formerly danced with Cincinnati Ballet Company.


    Sunday, Dec. 11, 2:30 p.m.  

    ACT I

    Clara: Maria Kanski
    Fritz: John Paul Heisler
    Mr. & Mrs. Silberhaus: David and Karen Hunter
    Maid: McKenzie Thomas
    Annette Williams  and Jeff Janson
    Ainsley Bothell, Julia Galles, Atlas Janson and Sophia Tarasova
    Joy VanPatten and Rick VanPatten
    Emily Gubanich, Estelle Lapina, and Ulysses Janson
    Yolanda Glago and Joshua Beckmann
    Faryn Glago, Josie Hellman and Arlo Janson
    Ching Stanley and Scott Stanley
    Iris Stanley, Eileen Xu, and Emil Heisler
    Herr Drosselmeyer: Sergey Pakharev*
    Harlequin: Homer Janson
    Columbine: Micah Van Patten
    Jester Dolls: Amelia Clement & Jennifer Clements


    Tiny Mice:
    Meadow Elam, Riley Elam, Olivia Tarasova
    Big Mice:
    Nina Batt, Nalini Best, Victoria Chulsky, Analise Conrad, Rosie Galles, Ailin Kubanychbekova, Malaya Moffett, Addie Paproski Hannah Poliakov, Jasmine Popa, Julia Shafraniuk, Vani Subramanian, Isha Subramanian, Madina Zakirova and Marian Zurita
    Jennifer Clements
    Homer Janson
    Bunny Soldiers: 
    Ainsley Bothell, Julia Galles, Faryn Glago and Iris Stanley
    Emily Gubanich, Emil Heisler, John Paul Heisler, Josie Hellman, John Paul Heisler, Arlo Janson, Atlas Janson, Ulysees Janson, Sophia Tarasova and Eileen Xu
    Mouse King:
    Maria Voronov


    Snow Pas:
    Maren Heisler/Charles Cronenwett*
    Medium Snowflakes:
    Ainsley Bothell, Julia Galles, Emily Gubanich, Faryn Glago, Iris Stanley and Eileen Xu
    John Paul Heisler & Ulysees Janson
    Tiny Snow:
    Cecilia Heisler, Madelyn Lau, Nina Locascio, Mira Pakharev, Ella Schuler, Vera Ervin and Lianna White
    Emil Heisler, Arlo Janson and Atlas Janson
    Children with Snowmen:
    Nalini Best, Victoria Chulsky, Malaya Moffett.

    Big Snowflakes:
    Amelia Clement, Jennifer Clements, Maria Kanski, Nikki Tayidi, Micah VanPatten and Maria Voronov

    ACT II

    Dew Drop: 
    Maren Heisler
    Opening Flowers:
    Ainsley Bothell, Julia Galles, Faryn Glago, Emily Gubanich, Iris Stanley
    Sugar Plum:
    Micah VanPatten
    Charles Cronenwett*

    Clara Double:
    Estelle Lapina

    Cecilia Heisler, Madelyn Lau, Nina Locascio, Mira Pakharev, Ella Schuler, Vera Ervin and Lianna White

    Jennifer Clements with Sergey Pakharev

    Akiko Locascio and Nikki Tayidi

    Maria Kanski and Maria Voronov with Homer Janson

    Ainsley Bothell, Julia Galles, Faryn Glago, Emily Gubanich, John Paul Heisler, Uli Janson, Iris Stanley and Eileen Xu

    Mother Ginger:
    Jeff Janson

    Gingerbread Children:
    Meadow Elam, Riley Elam, Rosie Galles, Ailin Kubanychbekova, Hannah Poliakov, Jasmine Popa, Julia Shafraniuk, Vani Subramanian, Isha Subramanian, Olivia Tarasova and Marian Zurita

    Waltz of the Flowers:
    Maren Heisler/Homer Janson
    Amelia Clement, Maria Kanski, Jennifer Clements, Maria Voronov

    Ainsley Bothell, Julia Galles, Faryn Glago, Emily Gubanich, Josie Hellman, John Paul Heisler, Uli Janson, Estelle Lapina, Iris Stanley, Sophia Tarasova and Eileen Yao, with
    Nina Batt, Nalini Best, VIctoria Chulsky, Analise Conrad, Malaya Moffett, Addie Paproski, Emil Heisler, Arlo Janson, Atlas Janson and Madina Zakirova

    Grand Pas de Deux:
    Micah VanPatten, Charles Cronenwett*


    Waltz of the Flowers:
    Amelia Clement and Nikki Tayidi
    Maren Heisler & Homer Janson
    Jennifer Clements and Sergey Pakharev
    Akiko Locascio
    Ainsley Bothell, Julia Galles, Faryn Glago, Emily Gubanich, Iris Stanley, Eileen Yao, John Paul Heisler and Uli Janson
    Nina Batt, Nalini Best, VIctoria Chulsky, Analise Conrad, Malaya Moffett, Addie Paproski, Emil Heisler, Arlo Janson, Atlas Janson and Madina Zakirova
    Maria Kanski & Maria Voronov


    Claudia Rudolf Barrett would like to give a big “Thank You” to all the people who have been so generous with their time and assistance in our Nutcracker production:

    Wayne Lyke for lighting design and sound.

    All of our teachers and guest performers for rehearsal assistance.

    Jacob Addison for photographing our performance and managing ticket sales.

    Christina Daniels for poster and flyer design as well as slide show photography.

    Jonathan Clement and family for videography.

    David and Karen Hunter for years of support and construction/donation of scenery and props.

    Karey Janson for costume design, construction, alteration and donation of costumes.

    My fantastic backstage crew:  David Hunter, stage manager, with Jonathan Clement, J.C. Heisler, Louis Heisler, Jeff Janson.

    All Party Scene “Parent” Supers.

    All parents/siblings and Christiane Rudolf for assisting backstage and/or in lobby.

    All my wonderful teachers who help our dancers look their best onstage.